Friday, 31 July 2015

Bedroom Decoration Part 2 Displays

This post will be on this corner of the room and how I decorated the top of this cupboard (don't know what else to call it).

So this is pretty much what the top looks like, I know there is a lot of stuff.

Let's start with the back, at the back is my Alice box, it was my final piece for AS Fine Art and it lights up as well, its the only one of my artworks that I really have on display because I just love it so much. 

On top of my Alice box to fit in with the theme I have an old clock and a white rabbit that lights up. I like to think of this as my Alice corner, and then I have my flamingo cushion which was from Primark for £3 but they have sold out last time I went ( I also have a second one of these up here behind some photos).

Then at the front here I just have some photos in frames.

Now this is moving to the side a little bit. Starting from the back again, you can see my other flamingo cushion, then I have my Giant Cupcake that my friends bought me about five years ago for my birthday. 

Then I have some more of my pegs that you've seen in a previous post (if not they are from tiger and they come in two sizes the one you can see if the smaller one- I use them as photo frames). 

Next is my giant & that I got in the sale from New Look, they did them over christmas time and I loved them but they were £7.99 originally, I got in sale for £3. 

All of this is standing upon two old fashioned union jack style cases that I picked up from TK Maxx.

Lastly the beach hut is a candle from Zara that was too pretty not to buy even though in the sale it was still £5.99. Then behind this is a silver camera statue from Next a few years ago, which is just on top of a box and the floral pattern if from a hairbrush that I think looks pretty.

Well that is it, I know thats a lot of stuff but I told you I collect things, wish this was it all but obviously it isn't...

I really hope you enjoyed reading this and got some ideas on how to do a display kind of thing.



Thursday, 30 July 2015

My Bikini Collection...

I swear the best thing about summer and holidays is bikini's. This year I'm not going away but thought to cheer myself up and maybe give you some idea I would show mine to you.

This is my new baby, I am totally in love I bought this only about a month ago even though I have nothing on to wear it for. It's just so pretty. Its Ted Baker in case you don't recognise this pattern, I am just totally in love with Ted Baker at the moment, especially the mint green patterns they do. Yeah I know its a double I must own it for me, hence just couldn't resist.

This bikini was in the sale, I bought mine off Surfdome website as if was one the few places that still had my size in stock and on sale. Asos it but still full price so after a while of hunting I found Surfdome. It's not a website that I've used before but I was really impressed my it and my parcel came like a day or two later. It was so fast and too top it off they gave me a code for 20% off next time I ordered.

This Bikini is the perfect one for the summer or just anytime of year, it is rather more than I would usually pay but the pattern and colour are just amazing.

This one is rather an old one I think it was around 5 years ago that Topshop did this bikini, the cut of this bikini is just so nice and flattering with the small over lay flowy part of the bikini top (don't know the actual name for this part, if you do please comment below). 

Also the bow pattern on it is really cute.

This is last years for Primark but the cut of the bikini is still in for this year, and it looks wonderful and reminds me of the 50s, it looks great on but I will say this, if you are sunburnt do not put this on it really hurts due to the bodice.

This is a bandeau style bikini with a lovely crochet design in my favourite colour, as you can probably see mine has been discoloured in some places but the chlorine, very sad. But this bikini is lovely and love the overflowing on the bottoms, if like me you are very self-conscious of that area. The only problem is when wet is rather annoying but only a minor problem. 

This bikini is from Miss Selfridge last year or year before I think but they are still doing one that is the same of looks very similar last time I went in there.

Sadly we have come to the last bikini, I really don't own that many. Well this one is a lovely bright coral colour (not shown up too well on camera). This beauty is from topshop and I would say it is kind of a pushup bikini which always makes your boobs look so great. 

This has been the main bikini I wear on holidays as the colour is gorgeous and doesn't make you look pale and then when you start to get tanned it makes you look more tanned than you are.

Sadly we have now come to the end. I hope you like my bikinis and leave a comment below of your favourite bikini and colour as I do love bikini online non shopping (means look but not buying, could of just said window shopping....oh well).



30th July 2015 Diary Blog Entry

So today I've bleached my hair again and it has gotten so much lighter, I am so happy. It is rather orange so I need to get something to take out the brassy tones but other than that it should only be one or two more times till my hair is finished.

I don't know if anyone else is like me and hates taking photographs when their hair is dodgy. In my mind its what every does but then again my hair is dodgy a lot more of the time than most people.

My hair was dyed black but black was on top of bleached proper light blonde hair so has been even harder than normal to get the black out. I am sick of having to dye my hair all the time so am going ombre incase you were wondering as still don't like natural colour that much.

So moving on as I'm sure no one wants to hear about my hair troubles.

On the bright side of things I'm actually publishing two blog posts today because I just couldn't wait! I know but I get really excited about publishing my posts.

Most of today I've spent debating where to order off of Kiko or not, they have so much stuff I love and really want in the sale but have no money. Don't want to waste the last of it on make up (says the makeup addict...). I'll put it off a few more days...

Well thats it really, so thanks for reading this, if you actually managed to read it all and will see you later today, in my next post:).

Ps. Its on bikinis.



5 Weekly Product Reviews | 30th July 2015

By a miracle none of the products are make up, though there is a make up brush. :O ( shocked face).

 So this amazing brush is actually massive, saw it and was wow that is big so had to have it. Whats even better than its size is just have soft it is. I can't describe it but its just really light and soft.

My next thing I've been loving this week is this mint green bow, now obviously anything thats mint green will go into my favourite things. If you've checked out my bow hair post you will of already seen this but I just love it so very much.

My Liz Earle Cleanser is something that I've been loving for a good few months now but its just so amazing and it seems to be keeping my face a lot clearer than usual. I'm thinking I might do a full Review on this soon along with a tonic and my other daily skincare items, let me know if you would like this?

This is yet another item that I have been using for quite a few months now is this Soap & Glory Heel Genius and it is a miracle. I do quite a lot of walking so the bottom of my feet has always been really horrible and rough with a lot of dead skin, I used to use a pedegg but since I've started using this I don't need to do anything else to my feet. I put it on before I go to sleep and just wait about 15-30 minutes for it to sink in before going to sleep. 

It has worked miracles on my heels I no longer need to use anything else and the dead skin has gone and my heels are nice and smooth for the first time in years, obviously the skin is still quite hard due to my walking but it is okay to look at now without disgusting me. 

If you need something like this, go out and get this now!!

Now this is my favourite at the moment due to it literally saving my hair, I have done a full review of it over in my july favourites, click here.

I hope you liked this post and don't forget to come back tomorrow as currently doing a post a day.



ps. whats your favourite hair products, as feel need to try more?

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

29th July Diary Blog Entry

Well today has gone by reasonably fast I guess, yesterday my new obsessed with Pretty Little Liars started and it has continued on to today, but I'm restricting the number of episode I will watch a day. I don't want to waste a whole week just sitting in watching a show. Though I suppose some would say sitting in doing your blog and looking at other peoples is a waste of time.

Well today my shopping habit continued, I went to Asda just to get some envelopes but couldn't help myself from getting this gorgeous mini chest (not sure what to call it). It was on sale to £5 so thought I should get it as was the only one left. Ooops I'm never going to get better with my money if I keep spending it but we can always hope.

On the bright side of things I got a new phone yesterday...well its the same as my last but lost the sound a couple of months ago on it and it was insured so finally got round to replacing it. You have no idea how much you use the sound on your phone until it suddenly stops working.

The rest of today will be spent on my blog too, I have quite a bit of work to do on some upcoming posts as I've decided to post everyday over summer and see how long it last once uni starts again.

Hope you enjoy my upcoming blog posts, they seem to be mainly focused on a kind of room tour and a few collections.



ps. I would love to check out your blog if you comment it below, sometimes it takes so long trying to find a blog to look at.

Bedroom Tour and DIY ideas - Bed area

This post I have been planning for a while. I am excited so let's get started.

On my bed post you can see white tinsel that I've wrapped around, I just think it gives quite a nice soft effect, especially with the cream rose fairy lights wrapped around as well. I also have a normal pair of white fairy lights wrapped all down the sides. 
On the bed I have my flamingo and Love cushion with a mini love bird pillow and then my pooh bear that my parents got me for starting university.

This is whats above my bed. 
The board is a normal cork board that I had laying around that I spray painted cream, I think its a very similar cheap thing to do that will make a big difference to your room. I have flamingo fairy lights around it, I know thats a lot of fairy lights. The camera is a photocopy of a collage I did back in college and the keys spell out LOVE. 

My bed side table has quite a few things on it. I have my lamp at the back next to a toy lamb my boyfriend bought me from New Zealand. Then the union jack box is a box of memories. And at the front you can see my sweets jar.

Here are my products I use before bed. I have the cream I put on my heels to make them softer, hand cream, a forehead thing for headaches, my nail varnish and two lip products.

There is also this wicker heart on my bedside table which I just keep bits and bobs in.

Lastly this is at the other side of my bed, its just a giant cardboard bow but I love it and onto is a dream catcher. Also I have the rope and pink ribbon which has bells on wrapped to the end of my bed.

I hope this post hasn't been too boring for you to read. Let me know if you like it, I was unsure if people would find it interesting.



Tuesday, 28 July 2015

My Hair Bow Collection of 9

I decided today instead of finishing off my too faced collection, I would share with you my newish bow obsession. Only newish as I've had some a couple of years but now that they are everywhere been buying more and more.

 I am honestly in love with each and every bow, so let's get started...

 This bow is more showy and can be dressy upy (don't even know if its just me that says this but oh well) its from Miss Selfridge but a few years ago now and bought in the sale. It is lovely cream chiffon style fabric with gold detailing in the middle.
 This is the same as above but in a gorgeous baby pink colour. Haven't worn this one too often but is so pretty (I prefer the cream one).

 This bow is a reasonably new one (bought a few weeks ago from Forever 21, only £2!!!) I might of bought it in the three different colours they had in stock...couldnt help myself...
This is the same but in burgundy.
And of course I had to get the mint green one (looks more blue in this picture but is mint green), my obsession continues...

This bow is the same as the last three also from forever 21 but bought this quite a few months ago. Just a nice Plain Black one.

This lovely black black one is also from forever 21 and is just so pretty and just has the extra detail of the lace if you fancy wearing more than just a plain black one.
This is what the back of all the ones above look like (I know you know what clips look like but the last two are different) so no hair band is needed to wear these to clip your hair up at the back.

This lovely grey one I absolutely fell in love with the shade straight off, the clip is slightly more annoying but can still be used as it looks so pretty in the hair.
This is my last clip, I know sad times, but its a lovely light blue shade and the texture on it just looks so pretty. 
We have now come to an end I'm sad to say, but don't worry I'll have my next post up soon, though sad to say won't be a bow one as now run out of them.



ps. I'm wearing the burgundy one today. Do you have any bows if so what colours?