Thursday, 25 June 2015

Holes in Agatha raisin books

If like me you are a massive fan of the mc Beaton books you too might of noticed a few flaws in the otherwise amazing series of books. These are my five most annoying mistakes in the series. 

1. The concept of time in this series. I understand that Agatha would be too old if she kept to the time period throughout. But at the beginning Agatha is in her early 50s and in a fair few books it mentions weeks or months passing whilst she tries to find the murderer. This topped up with her having times of being bored due to no murders means a fair amount of time must of occurred. So for in the 25th book for Agatha to still be early 50s is quite unbelievable maybe mid to late 50s. 

2. I have the same problem with Toni's age in these novels she seems to stay being 18 for a good 30 months at least. 

3. In the book his and hers Simons parents seem to come back from the dead at one point despite earlier on in this book it being mentioned yet again about him being left a fair amount of money. This isn't a soap people can't come back from the dead!!!

4. When Jimmy agathas ex fiancĂ© appears again in hiss and hers his wife has died but there is no mention of this baby. 

5. Much the same with Charles his twins are never mentioned neither is his ex wife bar once.