Friday, 15 May 2015

Shoe Collection

I don't know if you are like me and have twenty pairs of heels just hardly ever wear them. Well mine will be getting some wear kind of as I've decided to do a post of them all to talk about all the different heels you need for different occasions. 

To kick start this list I will start with the shoe everyone needs, a pair of little black shoes to go with that little black dress. No one ever says about shoes its away the dress but I think the shoes are just as important if not more so. 

A have rather a few pairs of little black heels but I will start with the basics.

Pair Number 1

These are my everyday heels, the pair that will go with anything and everything.

Pair 2

This pair had the sparkly platform and heel with I think is nice for when you your outfit is quite plain.

Pair Three

Pair Four

This is probably my favourite pair of heels. These wedges are grey suede like with a bow on the front.

Pair Five 

These heels are properly one of my most worn pair, they are also the most expensive heels I own, being one of the few  full priced ones I own.