Wednesday, 20 May 2015

New exercise routine hula hoop week 1

I know I'm not fat before you tell me but I have a fair amount on me due to having a small frame.

In the last four months I've managed to go from 35.5-28-34 to 34.5-26-34 through a mixture of sit ups squats and star jumps with occassional hula hooping     This is all well and good but I want to lose 1 final inch and have come up with a four week plan to do it.  Documenting my results on here. 

So what's my plan? 

First is hula hoop for half an hour every day. Hoping this will firm up my waist and belly and lose that final inch. 

Second is to cycle 10 miles two to three times a week at the gym. This is to firm up my legs and increase my fitness. Also my thighs are 22.5 inches which are quite big being almost size of my waist so hoping to get done an inch though 20 is my final goal. 

Lastly is plain old sit ups. Boring I know but are a good work out for my abs so should along with hula hoop slim down and firm up my waist. This week is starting at 250 due to be starting last week at 50 and increased by 50 a day will continue to increase until 500. 
I do the sit ups over the course of the day doing sets of around 30 at a time. 

Now what I did this week and my end measurements

9.5 miles cycling in just over 40 minutes
250 sit ups

300 sit ups 

350 sit ups
30 mins hula hoop

30 mins hula hoop 
2 hours walking

30 mins hula hoop
350 sit ups

Didn't do any exercise during to weekend but measured by waist and lost .25 of an inch so am pretty happy and can start to feel by belly firm up but my thighs haven't changed which is my biggest problem.