Thursday, 28 May 2015

Foundation primer review - what one should I get?

Just when you've finally found a foundation that you think makes your face look normal and not oily our comes the new faze of primers. Okay so not so new now.

If like me you really struggle to find one product you love as you can never decide you might end up with a big selection. I've got five different primers for foundation to compare and decide if cheap is fine or if cheap doesn't cut it. 

1. Benefit Porefessional 5/5

Now this primer is pretty god darn amazing. The only problem I have is not wanting to spent 24 pounds on a foundation primer not even the foundation. 

This primer is so good tho. And is tinted so helps smooth skin out for that flawless look you can only wish for in real life. 

2. Maybelline baby skin 2/5

This people have said is s dupe of Benefits primer but it leaves much to be desired. A third of the price it might be but it definitely shows. It does the job I guess but if like me you have oily skin it won't last all day. 

Won't be repurchasing 

3. wild about beauty primer 4/5

This primer is pretty good and lovely and soft on my skin and feels lovely and light. I really like this product but unsure if I'd buy it myself, it is cheaper than Benefits. 

4. Elite fantastic primer 3/5
This primer is pretty good and is soft to the touch on the skin and helps hide my pores which is pretty good for the price around four pounds in tk maxx. Only bad thing is doesn't last as well as benefits. 

5. Laura mercier foundation primer 4.5/5
I really like this foundation primer its really soft and light feels like just added water to your face, the smell is really nice as well. I love this primer by only problem with this primer is the price, £19.

Overall I have found that the most expensive primers are the best, it is worth the money to invest in a primer but I wouldn't wear it everyday only when you want your face to look flawless and want the make up to last. Going round town I can manage without primer on my foundation.

Bye till next time:)...