Monday, 25 May 2015

Five Must Read Books

Now this post is just I guess the list of my five favourite books at the moment or they wouldn't be what I'd consider a must read.

1. Agatha Raisin Series - this series has 20 odd books in it and they are pretty light but I love these. I have always dreamt about living in a village like Agatha Christie sets Miss Marple in and this book does just this with a far amount of humour as Mrs Raisin embarrasses herself constantly she is very easy to relate to and the murders are most exciting to read.

These books may be considered for the older generation but they have become one of my favourite series.

2. Alice in Wonderland - This book is just so fascinating and confusing at the same time. Nothing is to make sense in Wonderland and seeing Alice try to make sense of it in this story has made this one of my favourite books that I constantly look at and take inspiration from.

3. Fault in Our Stars- I am sure most people have already read this book but it really is so well written and so moving.

4. Pride and Prejudice - This is the true romance book, nothing can ever compare to this great work of literature. This is the perfect romance and Mr Darcy need I say more to explain why...

5. How I Live Now - Given the fact this book has been one of my favourites for nearly ten years it is shocking that I still haven't seen the movie.

For this week, every week I am going to try and do Five Must list every week.

Til next week my friends.