Monday, 18 May 2015

Blush Collection

I only started wearing blusher about eight months ago and has now become one of my main make up essentials when going out.

I have gathered quite a lot of different blushers, most of them are pink tint or more neutral as I'm quite light skinned. 

This blusher is my current everyday one due to the shade being slightly pink but not to obvious for everyday use. Powder based blusher.

This is a Sephora Blusher that I've used just a few times once again there is a slight pink tint in this blusher. It looks natural on which is what I want for most of the time.

Three Topshop Blushers
2x Morning Dew
These are cream blushes 

This Tarte Powder Blusher in shade Mirage is really nice and quite a neutral colour so doesn't show through to much and feels really nice and light on the skin. 

This Blush is rather a skin toned one darker than my actual skin tone but I thought I'd like to try to see the outcome especially as was only one pound.

This Bareminerals is loose powder that I got in a set as it isn't a colour I would usually pick myself. I still haven't tried this blusher just I need to build myself up to a red toned one. Though I will update once tried.

This blush is a really nice Coral coloured 

This blusher has to be my favourite one due to the sparkle in it. 
Nars Orgasm.
This blusher is more pink than the usual blush I wear but the shimmer to this blusher.