Thursday, 28 May 2015

Foundation primer review - what one should I get?

Just when you've finally found a foundation that you think makes your face look normal and not oily our comes the new faze of primers. Okay so not so new now.

If like me you really struggle to find one product you love as you can never decide you might end up with a big selection. I've got five different primers for foundation to compare and decide if cheap is fine or if cheap doesn't cut it. 

1. Benefit Porefessional 5/5

Now this primer is pretty god darn amazing. The only problem I have is not wanting to spent 24 pounds on a foundation primer not even the foundation. 

This primer is so good tho. And is tinted so helps smooth skin out for that flawless look you can only wish for in real life. 

2. Maybelline baby skin 2/5

This people have said is s dupe of Benefits primer but it leaves much to be desired. A third of the price it might be but it definitely shows. It does the job I guess but if like me you have oily skin it won't last all day. 

Won't be repurchasing 

3. wild about beauty primer 4/5

This primer is pretty good and lovely and soft on my skin and feels lovely and light. I really like this product but unsure if I'd buy it myself, it is cheaper than Benefits. 

4. Elite fantastic primer 3/5
This primer is pretty good and is soft to the touch on the skin and helps hide my pores which is pretty good for the price around four pounds in tk maxx. Only bad thing is doesn't last as well as benefits. 

5. Laura mercier foundation primer 4.5/5
I really like this foundation primer its really soft and light feels like just added water to your face, the smell is really nice as well. I love this primer by only problem with this primer is the price, £19.

Overall I have found that the most expensive primers are the best, it is worth the money to invest in a primer but I wouldn't wear it everyday only when you want your face to look flawless and want the make up to last. Going round town I can manage without primer on my foundation.

Bye till next time:)...

Summer outfits

This playsuit/romper from Miss Selfridge is perfect for the summer especially with the lovely lace detail and the floaty top. 

These two looks

This beautiful full length dress from miss Selfridge is perfect for the summer. The lovely flow of this dress

These shorts again as they are my favourite at the moment but this time I have paired them up with a lovely lace oversized top for pins and needles I bought in the sale from urban outfitters. 

Monday, 25 May 2015

Five Must Read Books

Now this post is just I guess the list of my five favourite books at the moment or they wouldn't be what I'd consider a must read.

1. Agatha Raisin Series - this series has 20 odd books in it and they are pretty light but I love these. I have always dreamt about living in a village like Agatha Christie sets Miss Marple in and this book does just this with a far amount of humour as Mrs Raisin embarrasses herself constantly she is very easy to relate to and the murders are most exciting to read.

These books may be considered for the older generation but they have become one of my favourite series.

2. Alice in Wonderland - This book is just so fascinating and confusing at the same time. Nothing is to make sense in Wonderland and seeing Alice try to make sense of it in this story has made this one of my favourite books that I constantly look at and take inspiration from.

3. Fault in Our Stars- I am sure most people have already read this book but it really is so well written and so moving.

4. Pride and Prejudice - This is the true romance book, nothing can ever compare to this great work of literature. This is the perfect romance and Mr Darcy need I say more to explain why...

5. How I Live Now - Given the fact this book has been one of my favourites for nearly ten years it is shocking that I still haven't seen the movie.

For this week, every week I am going to try and do Five Must list every week.

Til next week my friends.

Hula Hoop week 2

10.75 miles on bike

400 sit ups
30 hula hoop

400 sit up
30 hula hoop

300 sit ups 



450 sit ups 
30 min hula hoop

At the end of this week

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Beautycon 2015 London

So yesterday I went to beautycon. I had won a competition and got two free tickets. The event wasn't exactly how I'd expected but was pretty good. There were twelve different stalls some have you freebies if you instagramed a photo and other stalls were just essentially a shop. Some also did hair nails and makeup for you. 

The first stall I went to was Benefit of course and booked a beauty makeover before going around to the rest of the stalls. 
Benefits stall is as pretty as yould imagine. 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Film Review Pitch Perfect 2

I was so excited to go and see this movie last night. It was just as funny as I had hoped if not funnier.

I was sad that the movie was three years on from the last one as didn't get to see the friendships form more over this time.

Fat Amy is as funny as ever and I loved her storyline in this movie.

The overall plot of the movie was good though the new girl wasn't in it as much as I'd of liked. Don't think I got enough background on her.

I would definitely go and see this movie but as I loved the last one I wanted more from this movie, properly meaning for the movie to be longer. I am slightly sad that I think its been done so there can't be a third part.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

New exercise routine hula hoop week 1

I know I'm not fat before you tell me but I have a fair amount on me due to having a small frame.

In the last four months I've managed to go from 35.5-28-34 to 34.5-26-34 through a mixture of sit ups squats and star jumps with occassional hula hooping     This is all well and good but I want to lose 1 final inch and have come up with a four week plan to do it.  Documenting my results on here. 

So what's my plan? 

First is hula hoop for half an hour every day. Hoping this will firm up my waist and belly and lose that final inch. 

Second is to cycle 10 miles two to three times a week at the gym. This is to firm up my legs and increase my fitness. Also my thighs are 22.5 inches which are quite big being almost size of my waist so hoping to get done an inch though 20 is my final goal. 

Lastly is plain old sit ups. Boring I know but are a good work out for my abs so should along with hula hoop slim down and firm up my waist. This week is starting at 250 due to be starting last week at 50 and increased by 50 a day will continue to increase until 500. 
I do the sit ups over the course of the day doing sets of around 30 at a time. 

Now what I did this week and my end measurements

9.5 miles cycling in just over 40 minutes
250 sit ups

300 sit ups 

350 sit ups
30 mins hula hoop

30 mins hula hoop 
2 hours walking

30 mins hula hoop
350 sit ups

Didn't do any exercise during to weekend but measured by waist and lost .25 of an inch so am pretty happy and can start to feel by belly firm up but my thighs haven't changed which is my biggest problem.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Blush Collection

I only started wearing blusher about eight months ago and has now become one of my main make up essentials when going out.

I have gathered quite a lot of different blushers, most of them are pink tint or more neutral as I'm quite light skinned. 

This blusher is my current everyday one due to the shade being slightly pink but not to obvious for everyday use. Powder based blusher.

This is a Sephora Blusher that I've used just a few times once again there is a slight pink tint in this blusher. It looks natural on which is what I want for most of the time.

Three Topshop Blushers
2x Morning Dew
These are cream blushes 

This Tarte Powder Blusher in shade Mirage is really nice and quite a neutral colour so doesn't show through to much and feels really nice and light on the skin. 

This Blush is rather a skin toned one darker than my actual skin tone but I thought I'd like to try to see the outcome especially as was only one pound.

This Bareminerals is loose powder that I got in a set as it isn't a colour I would usually pick myself. I still haven't tried this blusher just I need to build myself up to a red toned one. Though I will update once tried.

This blush is a really nice Coral coloured 

This blusher has to be my favourite one due to the sparkle in it. 
Nars Orgasm.
This blusher is more pink than the usual blush I wear but the shimmer to this blusher.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Shoe Collection

I don't know if you are like me and have twenty pairs of heels just hardly ever wear them. Well mine will be getting some wear kind of as I've decided to do a post of them all to talk about all the different heels you need for different occasions. 

To kick start this list I will start with the shoe everyone needs, a pair of little black shoes to go with that little black dress. No one ever says about shoes its away the dress but I think the shoes are just as important if not more so. 

A have rather a few pairs of little black heels but I will start with the basics.

Pair Number 1

These are my everyday heels, the pair that will go with anything and everything.

Pair 2

This pair had the sparkly platform and heel with I think is nice for when you your outfit is quite plain.

Pair Three

Pair Four

This is probably my favourite pair of heels. These wedges are grey suede like with a bow on the front.

Pair Five 

These heels are properly one of my most worn pair, they are also the most expensive heels I own, being one of the few  full priced ones I own.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

New Clothes Rack

I am literally in love with my new clothes rack, it just fits all of my favourite summer clothes on and looks so pretty fitting in really well with the blue and white/cream look in my room.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Film Review Avengers: Age of Ultron

Like many people I have seen most superhero movies and enjoy them, and luckily have a boyfriend who loves comic books to answer all my questions on them.

I'm one of those annoying people that asks questions about movies during the movies to whoever I'm with even if they are as clueless as me. Also one of those people that will sit and google the plot of the movie while I'm watching it so I know the outcome. I'm the same with books I nearly always read the last page first because who wants to read a sad book.

With going to the cinema to see this movie it meant that I didn't get to google the ending and find out everything in the first few minutes of the start. 

I won't talk about the plot of the movie and what happens incase you want to watch it and aren't  like me wanting to know everything start away. 

If you aren't aware of the comics and up to date with the movies some parts will go over your head a little bit for a while. Though saying this I really enjoyed this and continues on well from the last film. 

This films centres around Tony Stark accidentally creating robots to kill the human race which isn't exactly how it happens in the comics but close enough for a novice like me to come with understanding. The avengers then have to destroy Ultron to save the human race, there is no longer S.H.I.E.L.D. but from the movies its pretty much the same as its just the avengers take over those roles i.e. Stark plays for massive building and equipment.

Overall it's an enjoyable movie if you like action movies if not you might want to give it a miss as thats pretty much the whole movie.


One thing I love to photograph is the clouds. This photo I took the other day in London I just loved how the clouds looked and the colours in them with the sun starting to set.

Finally sorting out my room and wardrobe

I'm the kind of person that if my room isn't perfect I will just let it become the biggest mess ever and just live amongst the mess. However, one of my new year resolutions was to start to become more organised I have taken the step to organise my room as how can one be organised when they live in chaos? The answer is they can't.

So now in May my room is nearing the organised line after persuading my mum to take me on several tips to ikea.

Don't worry I will be including photos you don't have to take my word for it.

It's birchbox time may 2015

I It's that time of the month again... The time you wait around for the postman to see if today is the day.

"Has your birchbox arrived today" the slight disheartening when it hasn't. 

But after what seems like forever but is probably only a day it comes. 

So what's in this months box?....

This months box is one that you can colour in with colouring pencils in the box. 

1. Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge

2. Caudalie radiance tinted moisturiser 
Coloured moisturiser in shade light. 

3. wah nail art pen in purple

4. Parlor moisturising sea salt spray
This will be perfect for the summer when I want beach ready hair. 

5. No.4 reconstructing masque

A hair mask for no.4 which is a brand had sample through before that I really enjoyed. 

6. Rmk point make up remover 

7.the pencils 
That was everything I this months box. I'm looking forward to using these products.