Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Things to Learn from Uni

Going to university can be exciting but scary.

The travelling for hours to finally get to your new home, you're halls in the city that will be your home for the next three years.

Straight after getting to halls, you go out and have to socialise even though part of you just thinks an early night would be amazing. Blocking that voice and and over drinking due to being tired and scary meeting so many new people all at once.

This is one of the only times you will go out and get so amazingly drunk with a bunch of strangers you hope will be your new friends. Telling them how much you love them when you can't even remember their names.

Not getting in till four in the morning when you decide its a good time to get to know you're flatmates and talk till 7 about god knows what because everyone's too drunk to remember.

The worst part is a few days after you have to do it all again sober when you go in to uni and meet people on your course.


You learn slowly how to live on a budget. In the first term you can't ever stay on budget but in the second year its gets easier finding the cheapest places and no longer going out 3/4 times a week.

Also learn that you can live on pasta for weeks, its boring but doable.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Morning routine and make up

The first thing I do in the morning is to clean my face.

I always use soap & glory, my current one being The Greatest Scrub of All. 
It's an instant radiance face polish. It helps to keep my spots away and instantly makes my face look more alive in the morning. 

It's the best drugstore product that I've found that actually helps with my spots. 

Before I start with my make up I use a headband to keep my hair off my face.

To start I apply a base of my foundation. I'm currently using Wild About Beauty Rose Water Illuminating Serum. 

I got this in Feburarys birchbox. It's normally £24 which is a bit more than I'd want to pay. 

Maybelline Baby Skin is a good drugstore primer that's more affordable. 

I apply the primer using a beautyblender. 

Foundation that I'm currently using is Sephoras 10hr wear perfection foundation. 
This foundation has medium coverage. 
You can see quite a few spots aren't as visible anymore, this being why medium coverage is needed if you have spots you want to cover up. 

Next is the concealer to apply to the last few spots that are visible. I also apply under my eyes to help brighten up my eyes. 

This is where I need concealer. 

You can see how the concealer changes the dark areas. 

Next is blusher. The brush is Sephora Pro Contour 74. 

The blush is Tarte Mirage. 

I really like this shade as it's not too pinky so doesn't necessary look like have blusher on. 

You can see a slight colour to the cheeks. 

Bronzer is next. 

My face is starting to look more defined once bronzer is on. 

Highlighter is next. I've only started using a highlighter but I really like using it. I'm using benefits Highbeam. 

Too Faced Cocoa powder foundation is what I use to set in my make up and smooth out my skin. 

After this all I do is my eyes. I put a base on my eyes first, Benefit Stay Don't Stray. 
Then just my eyeshadow, Topshop Long Weekend the brown shade. 
Final touches are mascara and lipgloss. The mascara is Benefit Roller Lash and lipgloss in Stila Stay All Day shade Nude. 
Please ignore the roots in my hair I'm trying to decide if I wanna get rid of my colour or not. 

Monday, 2 March 2015

About Me

What is there to say about oneself that someone else would be interested in?

That's how I usually think, always thinking and never really saying is pretty much the story of my life. I would rather sit and draw or doodle than talk most of the time. But I'm fine with that.

I'm comfortable with me, I'm starting to like me too. This blog is created for my personally so I can talk about what I love without having to overthink things.