Friday, 10 October 2014

October 2014 birchbox

My October birchbox arrived just as I've arrived home for the weekend. :)
This months birchbox box is back to the normal one. This travel bag inside is a lovely baby pink. 
First thing I see inside this months bag is a gorgeous lipstick birchbox pen. 
The pen itself is blue. 
The next item in my box this month is The Cool Fix, it's a gel to treat ingrown hairs and redness from hair removal. 
Next is a Lollipops nail varnish, it's a company I've never heard of before. In a lovely red colour. 
Kms styling cream is the next item in my box, the sample is a good size and I've heard and used the companies products before and really like them. 
Two face masks are the next items, I do love a face mask so am excited to see how well these work. 
The last in this months box is a Shea butter lip balm by pixi which is a company I've never heard of. The lip balm has a hint of colour in and a lovely smell to it.