Monday, 29 September 2014

September Favourites

This month my favourites are quite a few, I've cut it down to ten items or the list would be never ending. 
The reason for this is that I've bought quite a few this month due to the fact my birthday was this month. 
To kick off this list I'll start with my new favourite lip balm, 100% natural and 95% organic. Eos lip balm in strawberry sorbet, I loved the baby pink exterior and how easy it is to apply. 
They did it in the most beautiful mint green but sadly it was mint flavoured so had to get the strawberry one.  

It feels lovely on the lips and smells divine and moistures your lips really well. 

 My second favourite for this month is a body moisturiser that I've had for quite a while but had to the side for a bit. Having returned to it, I've fallen in love with the smell all over again, oats and milk, smells good enough to eat. 
It's one of Soap and Glory's, I've always used one of their body lotions, usually righteous butter. 
Smoothie star body milk not only smells so delicious but also makes my skin feel even softer than righteous butter does. 

Next favourite of the month has to be my beautyblender, is been using just a cheap pink sponge in quite a similar shape to beautyblender but it hasn't lasted very long. Now using beautyblender I can say that beautyblender is much better and is softer and blends a lot better. 
Next is logical to have my new foundation that I apply with the beautyblender. 
Yves Saint Laurent BB Cream, it is amazing it feels really light on the face but also manages to cover up spots and imperfections. 

Too Faced Bronzed and Poreless bronzer, it is also a non shimmery one, so it's a little different to a normal one. 
I love using this bronzer and haven't used any other bronzer since bought this. I feel I can wear this all the time whereas with shimmery bronzer sometimes I feel it looks too much and can't look as natural. 

Nars Orgasm is my next favourite of the month. This blush is really nice pinky colour and once again still can be used for a natural look. Which means can use daily.