Thursday, 21 August 2014

Benefit make up :)


Bought benefit current offer online and has just arrived:). 
It's good value for money as usually benefit is too expensive for me to use all the time.
The deal is 62 pounds and you get the benefit make up bag and get to pick what foundation you want. I picked oxygen wow in the colour champagne. 
Then you get to pick a product for your cheeks, I picked watt's up! highlighter.
Then for the eyes I picked the fakeup concealer in shade medium. 
Next you pick a free gift,  for this I picked the creaseless cream shadow eyeshadow in the colour my two cents.
I love the colour of the eyeshadow as not only is it a lovely bronzes brown colour but also has a lovely glimmer to it. 

Also along with the set I got four samples free! It says you can only pick two out of the three but got the two I selected and had a code for a sample of lip balm.