Sunday, 31 August 2014

My new make up and beauty finds

I found this beauty baby blue Nails Inc varnish in t k maxx for only 4.99 the other day, the shade is called royal botanical gardens 104.
This colour is amazing on, I absolutely love a blue nail varnish and the pale pastel shade is the current shade I'm loving at the moment.

Also in Tk Maxx i bought a Blending Sponge for 4.99 from Earth Therapeutics, a company I'd never heard before but I really wanted a Blending Sponge.

Never used a shaped sponge before only used the make up sponges from boots before to blend with (and make up brushes obviously). I am never going back to normal sponges again the blending sponges are so much better as you can get into the little nook and crankies even better with this sponge.

In boots I needed to get a new bronzer as my old No7 one was worn out after many years of use, well the pale side had worn out and the dark side makes me look orange even when I have a tan so be a oomph lumpa when as pale as usual.

Since I'm obsessed with Soap and Glory, I thought I'd go and have a look at their bronzers, I picked their new one Solar Powder as it looked gorgeous when I tried it in store, both of their bronzers looked amazing but this one just suited me better. Since buying this I've put it on nearly every time I've had make up on.

After buying this bronzer, I decided it would be nice to buy a nice big powder and bronzer brush, I had a look in Tk Maxx but they didn't have one as big as I wanted, I ended up getting one from Primark for 3 pounds which has pink on the end of the brussels of the brush.

Monday, 25 August 2014

My top three foundations

I've used many different foundations for the last nearly ten years, the first one I ever bought was NYC loose powder because it was so cheap only three or four pounds at superdrug. It made me look orange and I was into the orange look, thought it made me look cool tanned and older as many of the older kids at school who I thought were pretty were orange. 

My mum never said anything about it but most of noticed as she took me to get my first higher end make up, Benefit. Mum used benefit quite a bit then as I thought it looked so cool, especially the packaging. I was over the moon, and I guess that is why this foundation by them is still my favourite so long down the line. 

My lastest favourite is Benefits Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation 

Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Glamour Beauty Edit Box

I kept looking at this online and finally decided the I was actually going to buy it, I was so happy when it arrived. 

The product that I love the most out of this box is the Hawaiian Tropic suncream, I always wanted to try their sun cream I have always used Soltan, but once I smelt this suncream I was in love and will never go back to any other suncream as it smells of coconut!!!!!
My next favourite in this box I would have to say is Bourjois Cream Blush in shade 02. This colour is a lovely coral colour and looks great on. 
Next has to be the nude coloured lipstick Illamasqua in shade Naked. I absolutely love this as I have an obsession with nude coloured lips and am starting to get a collection of nude lipsticks and glosses. 

Magnifibres is a great product and it lengthens lashes with fibres, I already have another brand that does this and find them really useful as not only as it's cheaper then fake eyelashes and I'm terrible at putting fake eyelashes on so this is also a lot simpler. 

I've started to use the DHC Cleasing oil that came in this box and it is amazing!!! I am actually in love with it.
You just dab it on your cheeks a few times and rub in so you have hardly using any so will last for ages which am very happy about. 

Friday, 22 August 2014

August 2014 birchbox

Sooo this months birchbox came and I was so excited to find out what was in this months box.
Inside I found a small see through birchbox bag you can keep your miniatures in, and it's got ice lollies on!!!

My favourite in this months box is the Creme eyeshadow by Wild About Beauty, which is a brand that I've never heard of before but I fell in love with this eyeshadow as soon as I saw it. Mine was in the colour 03 buster.

The colour is beautiful and I love the shimmer to it.
It looks gorgeous on, the colour is quite similar on to my skintone so almost a natural nude look but it catches the light and sparkles which is what I love so much about this eyeshadow and I find that it lasts quite well, which is a problem for me as I have oily skin,  eyeshadow usually creases so I usually try not to wear any even though I love eyeshadow. 

The next thing I got which I now love is number 4 super comb prep & protect, not only is it heat protection when you straighten your hair but also protects your hair out in the sun too! And it gets smells like love hearts!!!!!
Also in this months box was Whish body butter in the scent lavender, I really like the texture and feel on the skin of this body butter but not the scent as lavender isn't really my thing. I think I'll stick with my current body lotions Body Shops in scent coconut and Soap and Glorys smoothie body milk that smells amazing reminding me of oats and milk biscuits I had as a child. 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Benefit make up :)


Bought benefit current offer online and has just arrived:). 
It's good value for money as usually benefit is too expensive for me to use all the time.
The deal is 62 pounds and you get the benefit make up bag and get to pick what foundation you want. I picked oxygen wow in the colour champagne. 
Then you get to pick a product for your cheeks, I picked watt's up! highlighter.
Then for the eyes I picked the fakeup concealer in shade medium. 
Next you pick a free gift,  for this I picked the creaseless cream shadow eyeshadow in the colour my two cents.
I love the colour of the eyeshadow as not only is it a lovely bronzes brown colour but also has a lovely glimmer to it. 

Also along with the set I got four samples free! It says you can only pick two out of the three but got the two I selected and had a code for a sample of lip balm.

Monday, 18 August 2014

July 2014 Birchbox and First Post

This is my first birchbox. 
When I first got my birchbox I opened it up I found this bag inside 
I thought it is quite a handy size bag and can store some makeup in it, mainly my mascaras because I have a lot of them! 
This is what's inside minus a wrinkle cream as don't really need it so passed on to my mum. 

The first thing I loved in this box was benefits primer, I already have two miniatures of this as it was free in elle the other month I think. I absolutely love this product as it makes my skin so silky soft and spot free. The one problem I have is the price of this product I used Maybelline baby skin before I got this product and now I prefer benefit's product but it's three times more expensive so think I'll just use benefit on special occasions.
Also I got a beautiful pink nail varnish from soigné.